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Mussels In Garlic & Butter Sauce

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For those who enjoy a high-protein intake, mussels offer a welcome break from steak. Not only are they better for the environment (as they are ecologically friendly and easy to farm) they also offer levels of protein and iron that rival that of red meat.  An increase in protein and iron intake boosts mood, energy levels, and even complexion.  A fantastic outcome from introducing mussels to your weekly diet!

Wholey Mussels in Garlic & Butter Sauce are produced naturally using what nature has to give. Within hours of harvesting, the mussels are cleaned, cooked, imbued with a delicate garlic sauce, for a simply delicious dish, and frozen in a vacuum sealed bag. This ensures that the mussels we bring from tide to table retain their fresh from the sea flavor and texture. Within just minutes, these fully cooked garlic mussels can be heated, making a tasty dinner with some crusty bread or freshly cooked rice. Quick and convenient, a truly enjoyable seafood dining experience.



Farm Raised Mussels, Sunflower Oil without antioxidant, Butter, Palm Oil, Onion, Cream, White Wine, Paprika, Garlic, Parsley, Vitamin E. Allergens: Shellfish, Milk.

Prep Instructions


KEEP FROZEN: do not allow to thaw before heating mussels on the stove top or microwave.


(This product has already been cooked).

Remove frozen mussels and liquid from inner pouch and place into saucepan. Heat until mussels open.

STOVE TOP: Place unopened bag into boiling water, 7 minutes or until mussels are hot.

MICROWAVE: Puncture top of bag before placing in microwave. Set on High Power and cook for 5-7 minutes, or until the mussels are hot. Cooking time may vary depending on model of microwave.


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