About Us

As one of the largest importers of frozen seafood in the United States, and one of the most innovative companies in our industry, Wholey Seafood has built its strong reputation over 100 years by providing quality products to our customers; products that are tailored to your needs.

We offer high-quality frozen products year round. Our evolving inventory continues to grow as we seek new opportunities to bring all types of fresh seafood to the domestic market. And, rest assured, our many years of shipping experience has solidified our expertise in determining the most appropriate airline or trucking arrangements in order to meet your needs.

The difference in seafood between Wholey Seafood and others is quality and freshness. We are extremely proud of this long history, and we look forward to continued success for our customers and ourselves!


Pulling into port in 1912 Wholey (pronounced wool-lee) quickly established itself as a leader in providing the best from our sea’s bounty. A century later we keep offering a wide variety of quality frozen seagoing fare with a passion and dedication to excellence, making the Wholey name synonymous with a great catch in frozen seafood.

And it’s no fish tale, but rather a tale of quality fish. It’s why our ocean fare is only the finest, including: farm-raised shrimp, Norwegian salmon, and New England clams. It’s why we impose the highest standards for catching, packaging and shipping our products. And when it comes to tantalizing taste buds, why we seek out or invent the most imaginative and flavorful selections to bring to market. Why such a fuss? Because we believe fish lovers deserve a seaside café experience anywhere and everywhere. So it’s exactly what we put in every bag we bring to the table.

The original market is still operating in the “Strip District” of Pittsburgh, Pa


From its corporate offices and warehouses in Warren, MI, the company markets a variety of quality seafood items from nearly 25 countries to a diverse array of customers including restaurant chains, foodservice distributors, retailers, and wholesalers.

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